Planning & Development Department (P&D) of the Government of Sindh, came into existence on July 1, 1970 with a staff of 82 including gazetted and non-gazetted personnel. This number continued to expand with increasing challenges and responsibilities. At present, the Department is manned by about 200 officers and staff working in various technical and administration sections.

The Department plays a vital role in the process of socioeconomic development of the Province. In an economy where public and private sectors co-exist, development proceeds along a well charted course with targets of growth emanating from direct investment by both public and private sectors. This requires careful identification and selection of projects for various nation building departments and providing direction for private sector investment through incentives and appropriate monetary, fiscal and trade policies.

Designing policies for the private sector is primarily a federal subject and the role of Planning and Development is mainly confined to the public sector development. Plan formulation, identified as development projects for each sector in accordance with targets of growth as envisioned in the National Plan, is it's main function.

P&D Board

In order to ensure effective public service delivery, enhance the capacity of the human resource and meet the demands of governing workload, it has become imperative to restructure the Planning & Development Department by transforming it into a Planning & Development Board. Pursuant to the approval of Competent Authority the Planning & Development Board was created on 21-02-2017. The Board consists of:

  1. Chairman
  2. Secretary, Planning & Development (Secretary of the Board)
  3. Chief Economist
  4. Member Energy & Infrastructure
  5. Member Development
  6. Member Social Sectors
  7. Member Services
  8. Member Natural Resources

    The Board will be the main development forum of the Province with Planning & Development Department as its institutional home. It should be mandated to carry out the department’s development work by prioritizing sectoral requirements in addition to performing the role of stimulus to attract private sector investment in conjunction with Finance department.
    The Chairman of Planning & Development Board will be a BS-22 Officer. The post of Additional Chief Secretary (Dev.) has been abolished and in leiu of it a post of Chairman, P&D Board has been created. The Chief Economist will be recruited from open market with a MP-I Scale to attract the services of a qualified and experienced hand.